Surviving Basic Training

A Survival Guide for Getting through Bootcamp


  1. PREPARATION: It is important to remind yourself that no one could have really prepared for this, so be kind to yourself. It is okay to have all different emotions: sadness, frustration, irritation, etc. Allow yourself to sit in these feels and feel them all, do NOT suppress your feelings during this difficult time.
  2. ACCEPTANCE: I cannot stress this enough. The first step to having an easier journey is accepting their decision to serve & that from here on out, everything is out of our control.
  3. SUPPORT: It is VITAL that we support our loved ones in the service–it is hard for us to continue in our everyday routines without them, but it is even harder for them as their life is completely different than it was before. We have ways to stay connected to family, friends, media, etc. In bootcamp, they do not have access to that, so it extremely important to be supportive as it can be a bit of a culture shock for them. When you do have the opportunity to speak with them, make sure you are positive & reassuring them that they have made the right decision & you are behind them!
  4. TRUST: Trusting in their decision is really important in supporting them on this journey. Each individual who joins the Military is an adult & they chose this path because they wanted to.
  5. TIME: The time will fly! Think about the last time you had a milestone, Holiday, or birthday. I bet it doesn’t feel as far away as it was. Keep busy & time will continue to fly.

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